Mandurah Fishing - Squid / Whiting

Hey guys, i know there are a few on here that live down Mandurah way. I am staying down in Mandurah on the canals for a few days and wanted to take the kids out to get onto some squid and some whiting. I normally launch at Ocean Reef so not too sure about the ground Mandurah way. Kids are only young so normally stay in close just wanted to know if i drift over some ground out from Comet Bay if i would pickup a few squid / whiting. Any tips appreciated.

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Big patches of sandies a bit

Wed, 2020-09-30 22:05

Big patches of sandies a bit deeper out in the 12m mark just to the NW of the area circled. Not sure about that area but Melros is good for big squid in close but it does break around there in a swell


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 Eastern end of the cut use

Thu, 2020-10-01 03:08

 Eastern end of the cut use to produce a few squid over the weed there. Not sure how it goes now.  also out the front off melrose like jack said but fished around 7-8 mtrs deep Ive caught a few. 


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 Anywhere inside the first

Thu, 2020-10-01 10:06

 Anywhere inside the first lot of reef you can get the whiting. Only prob is there is also trumpeter and bread and butter fish as well. 

The area you have marked will produce small ones . Have caught them there while fishing for snapper at night .Great fun for the kids.


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 Thanks for the advice,

Mon, 2020-10-12 21:06

 Thanks for the advice, ending up heading NW of where inidcated and picked up some whiting and thumping squid, though the trumpters were a problem at times :)

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You will get plenty there

Tue, 2020-10-13 07:23

 But as mentioned above not thumpers, which you might get a little further out behind Jayne Service reef.

Just look overboard and find the edge of weed and sand patches. Slow drift and when you get them anchor. If they are not on a patch just cruise and find another.

It is close enough to not be a trek for the little ones and is where I go for a quick feed (a little further out than the circle but not far).

PS. A berley bomb with old bait, chook pellets and some fish oil dropped when you hit them keeps them firing.

To close to the weed and you will get the shit fish.

And invest in a scaling bag. About a K out from the heads drop your speed to about 8-10knots, fill the bag with the whiting and toss it overboard. Pull it up when you are just about at the heads and clean as a whistle whiting.

Hope it helps.



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