Advise on 9 inch GPS

 Hi Guys,

Looking at upgrading my Gps from a 5 inch Lowrance to 9 inch screen and looking for advise on what to buy. I am currently running a Furuno 587 sounder with a TM260 Tranny so require something to pair with that.

Please give me your thoughts and recommendations on your experiences with any brands.





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 I have a Furuno 588 and a 9

Sun, 2020-10-11 11:36

 I have a Furuno 588 and a 9 inch Lowrance (set up as plotter only), and am happy with it. Once you get the hang of Lowrance operations I reckon they are ok and I found their WA charts to be ok. Mine is a fairly old Lowrance and the processor is a bit slow, I suspect the new ones would be a lot faster when changing pages/ranges etc.

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 What's the budget and what

Sun, 2020-10-11 13:02

 What's the budget and what sort of fishing do you do ? Demersals, pelagic or crays?

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 Demersals and dive for crays

Sun, 2020-10-11 13:44

 Demersals and dive for crays. Budget 2k



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 What about a SIMRAD GO ? 

Mon, 2020-10-12 13:29

 What about a SIMRAD GO ?  With a 600w transducer you get all the fruit, downscan/sidescan and chirp.  It's only touchscreen though and can only use the SIMRAD transducer, i.e. you can't plug in a P66 AIRMAR or similar. 

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My current set up

Mon, 2020-10-12 14:26

Furuno 588/TM260 1 kW tranny communicating to Lowrance HDS 12 via Mark Fish.

Allows scrolling back to the mark on the Furuno and sending it to the plotter.

Sidescan tranny also hooked up to the HDS but sees very little use.

Find the Lowrance easy to use as a GPS, touchscreen and pushbuttons. Managing waypoints, tracks ect is easy.

Both units been reliable, never had an issue, can't really comment on the newer stuff available these days.

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Furuno GP1971f

Mon, 2020-10-12 18:27

What about a furuno GP1971F 9 inch full touch screen, C-MAP mapping , 1kw ready all the furuno sounder goodness, radar . My favourite feature is mirror control you can wirelessly connect your phone or iPad directly to it and not just view but fully control the main unite from the device. I paid $2500 for unite chart and p66 transducer best value for money 9inch mfd on the market if you are not interested in side scan or downscan. And realistically any side scan down scan transducer is useless once you get into deeper water and/or try sound at speed.