mandurah boat show

when is mandurah boat it next weekend?

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this thurs through to sunday

Sun, 2007-10-07 16:10

this thurs through to sunday

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Yeah deffernitly this week

Sun, 2007-10-07 16:50

Yeah deffernitly this week im on shift thurs fri sat sun worked out great timing CHEERS SHAG


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Why shag

Sun, 2007-10-07 17:06

You getting a new boat lol
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See you guys there sat! Wear

Mon, 2007-10-08 06:30

See you guys there sat! Wear the fishwrecked atire so you can be spotted.

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Best Show

Mon, 2007-10-08 08:54

Times from the Mandurah Boat Show Web Site
   Thurs   10.00 am----12.00noon
          Show preview exclusive to Exhibitor VIP Guests and Media

         Public Entry times
  Thurs    12 noon ----6.00pm
  Fri         9.00 am----6.00pm
  Sat        9.00 am----6.00pm
 Sun       9.00 am----5.00pm