Insane Top water Barramundi and Big Catfish Big Carp Fishing Thailand 2022- BKKGUY


Hi Everyone. I'm back again. :)
This covid thing is finally over or sort of..... getting better than when it first started back  in 2000 . 
International  tourists and travelers are already  start traveling and flying.
Fishermen who have been bounded by travel restrictions in the past are now able to start flying to fish overseas.
I'm glad we can get over with this covid thing and start fishing again.
Here are my 2 recent trips with my overseas clients from Singapore few days ago.
Inside each video, there is a  trip reviews interview , do take  a look.
Enjoys the vid clips and fishing photos. Tight lines everyone !
Barramundi insane top water actions.
Mekong Catfish and Siamese Carp actions.
 Here are some of the barramundi photos highlights for the trip.
Lastly here are some of the Big Catfish and Siamese Carp photos.
That's all for today and I hope I can continue to produce more catch reports in the coming future.
Tight lines everyone !! 


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