How was the weekend 13/4 to 14/4?

After a late night on Saturday night on the river, we woke the kids up at 0630 and were on the road two minutes later. On a spot just before 0730 half way down the back of GI in 14m of water I call F-All....because my mate will be beside me catching fish (Dhu, Pinkies) and I catch F-All!

4 people onboard with 3 rods in. Someone suggested chicken so on one hook was a chunk of chicken breast.....One with squid and one with a Mulie. I cubed up Mulies and scraped any meat off the dolly frame and had that sitting behind the boat oozing flavour into the water along with hand fulls of burley.

20 minutes in, we got a 30cm pinky on the Mulie. Re-baited and re temped and got some sort of freight train on the Mulie. Naturally it was the one rod I had on the starboard side and it went across the back of the boat taking the other lines with it. Pulled a heap of drag then stopped before turning back the other way. I could feel the line rubbing over rocks on the bottom before the enivitable ping of 50lb leader. 

It was fun for a moment but it went dead after then bar a few pickers. 

WIth first signs of the seabreeze at 08:50, we headed to a spot I went across before in 40m, which was 10 miles out. Plenty of structure and fish on top of it. Two lines down with the first snagging as soon as it hit the bottom. first sinker gone, and the second line getting picked to death. Rerigged and headed back to the mark and drifted again. pick pick pick...

and again and again and again before pulling the pin and heading in for brekkie which turned into brunch. Kids did well to make it to 1030.

Watched the new ep of Bluey while catching small KG's (1 size one which went back) before heading in.

How did everyone else go? 



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Had a good day with

Mon, 2024-04-15 09:05

 Guy"still trying" plenty of action


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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 I saw your pics online!

Mon, 2024-04-15 09:08

 I saw your pics online! Decent feed there, Uncle!