boat and trailer registration transfer- NSW to WA

 Hey all


Im considering buying a smaller boat from NSW. The info of exactly whats required online is a little sketchy- most of it refers to "vehicles" (understand that a trailer and boat are classed as vehicles but the info is mainly referencing cars) 

If anyone definatively tell me whats required, it would be a great help while I sum up if its worth the headaches involved. Specifically things like:'

- cost to transfer both (trailer is a single axle 6.1m overall length and the boat is a 4.75 Allycraft Piranha) 

- Process- does it involve having to have both inspected, and if so, who inspects the boat? trailer is easy enough to arrange

- If its me, I assume it can be done after Ive taken delivery of the boat as it will be trucked over. Ill be collecting it from Perth and taking it back up north, again assuming I wont need move permits etc as its practically the same in the short term as if someone was towing it across for a holiday (similar to the caravans or interstate cars?) 

- Who is responsible for intiating the rego transfer- me or the seller?


Lastly, Ive reached out to a few transport companies to get some pricing on the cost to move it here, anyone had expereince cost and expereince wise with any of the companies or could recommend one?


Cheers, sorry for all the questions 

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 Trailer rego, you'll cancel

Sun, 2024-04-14 17:03

 Trailer rego, you'll cancel it in NSW for a refund, put it over the pits here ($120?? or so) and register it.

You can move it around here on a permit $30 for 2 days, this can be extended if you explain why.

The seller could also leave it a few weeks before cancelling til you get it home, the 3rd party insurance is the only thing if something serious was to happen but I've done this with 2 cars bought in Qland and Vic and driven back to here.

Boat-there is no safety inspection etc at all.

HIN I'm pretty certain is just a stat dec from you plus purchase receipt, make CERTAIN he writes the correct HIN number on your receipt


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 Just been through this when

Sun, 2024-04-14 19:32

 Just been through this when I purchased my boat & trailer from QLD 

Highly recommend Express Boat Transport. 
firstly boat & trailer registrations are not transferable across states. When the boat & trailer arrives you just pay for a 48 hour movement permit, just provide the vin number of the trailer every time you need to move it. 

To register the boat you will need to take it to a boat yard who can provide you with a pink slip for the hin number verification. I think there is a list on the DOT site 
The trailer is similar except it needs to be inspected by a DOT inspection point.

Once you have the HIN verification & the trailer have passed inspection you can go to a DOT center to pay the registrations.
If you are purchasing from a dealer bring the invoice of the sale.
If it is a private sale make sure the seller provides you with a receipt for the sale of the boat & trailer. Make sure you have this receipt, they won't accept a stat dec as a proof of purchase