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hey how you guys going, i went to kalbarri for holidays last week and i thought i would try a spot of fishing on the murchison river. well we were using a gang setup and mullies for bait and had a few bites but no luck. if anyone knows the trick to catching mullaway can you let me know. as i havent had the chance to fish much in wa where in freo is a good place to fish and what bait/rig to use.


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as i haven't caught my first

Sun, 2008-02-17 21:23

as i haven't caught my first mulla yet...but so far has a few experience of some mulla runs...i use live bait where i could catch from the place im fishing or u can get them at e-shed...i used a star sinker onthe bottom of my rig and two snell hooks...8/0 and 5/0...make sure ur line that connects to the sinker is 4 pounds or u might loose a fish because of the sinker..that gets stuck in snags..hope this this is all i know lol...i guess more pro on this website could help u more..cheers

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Mate there are lots of

Mon, 2008-02-18 07:41

Mate there are lots of places around Perth where you can can Mulla's no where specific,rig that I have used in the past and it has accounted for quite a few fish is useing a 3 way swivel one side u use a metre of trace to a size 4-5 live bait hook on the other side of the swivel a sinker with enough weight to keep your bait anchored and then connect to your main line,very light drag setting,scallies have worked but the best that I have found is is yellowtail as they seem to live longer.check your bait regulary as pickers knock them off.Mulloway fishing can be a long haul I was originally told by a bloke a long time you generally need to put in 100 hours before you can your first Mulla.look for an area that has structure and lots of activity hope this helps you out a bit

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