Headed down to east perth today due to the weather being crap and me and tyson off work...

I had decided after reading a few articles and whatnot and was absolutely detirmined to catch fish on lures/hb's and tyson was happy to give the tweeds another go out...

So we got to east perth, walked the banks for a bit till I hit some structure with a pipe and whatnot...

I started with a strikepro pygmy, was not getting much and tyson then started pulling fish in after I burleyed up (of course with spess' awesome shit)  and the fish were on the bite. Wasnt too sure on tides, actually ill check the tides now.......

Ah, awesome, it was a good 5 hours before the low... so well in the middle of the gushing tide...

Anyway, tyson was landing fish, as per normal and i kept me head down and tried not to let it bother me too much...

I switched to a baby vibe after a while of using the suspending pygmy with maybe 1 hit? but i noticed a good sandbar past the pipe so I walked up using the baby vibe...

In a few casts, I was ON! pulled the sucker in and it was a 31cm beauty! Nice and heavy!!!

After releasing it, I hooked up another 2 times however, lost both fish, the second though, i had nearly landed and got a good glimpse of it under the water, would have been quite good size, if not bigger than my first so I was absolutely stoked!~!!!!

Tyson, though, caught 7 fish total, his max was only 28... so im happy with the performance given, simply because I dont smell like bait, and im getting in some good hours with lures and I feel a heap more stoked and confident now!

Anyway thats my news for today... cant wait to get back out there and hit some snags or banks with the HB's..

Although, maybe a trailing question for this thread would be... Ok i was using a snad nod retreive for the vibe, however, im pretty clueless with how to work a suspending HB for bream... would love to nail that! Anyone know what the best retireves for suspending HB's are>?

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No idea on the retrieves

Tue, 2007-09-04 16:30

No idea on the retrieves mate but well done on the capture on HB

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Twitch it

Tue, 2007-09-04 16:35

Slow to medium retreive and stopping it dead and twitching it is good too , allways have the tip of the rod moving either side to side or twitching when you are retreiving it ,

works for me .



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Good report rickets and good

Tue, 2007-09-04 16:56

Good report rickets and good to get another first

Jay Burgess

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yeah i was just concerened

Tue, 2007-09-04 17:06

yeah i was just concerened because i was really using the method where using the vibe to stir up the sand and then lifting it out of the puff... but yeah, to use suspending lures (got heaps of them) just have no idea how to really attract a fish... i gather suspendings are best used around rocking snaggy shallow ground.. but yeah.. just need to find a good method of making them very attractive in the retireve :D

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well done man will have to

Tue, 2007-09-04 17:32

well done man will have to show me that techneek (how do you spell that word lol) out on the weekend

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If you are hitting the sand

Tue, 2007-09-04 17:38

If you are hitting the sand and its puffing up thats a good thing.....i helps to attract the bream over as they think its either a crab or worm burying itself. With suspending lures or  floating lures the best retrieve is to simply cast at the destination being a snag etc and crank the handle of your reel twice really quickly! This gets the lure into the strike zone quickly and then start your slow retrieve. Most hb's have heaps of action built into them at slow pace so keep it that way, only ever twitch the lure after a pause because it gives the lure an arratic action followed by a normal action. IMO the best way is to crank, crank, pause, twitch, pause, crank, crank, pause, twitch, pause etc etc. Once you have mastered that other little pauses and twiches can be brought into play. Dont forget to lift and drop your rod tip on a straight retreive because this raises and lowers the lure and makes it more life like. The biggest secret to bream fishing IMO is fooling the fish into a strike and to bite a peice of plastic! just think of how a fish, infact a injured fish would swim and try and imitate that. Mix it up, speed and slow it up and you will succeed in the end. Watching your retreive in clear water is a added bonus as well because you can see what your little effects do to the lure.

PS: Rickets, when the weather warms up ill take you out for a fish one day and show you a few things that people have taught me that really inproved my catch rate, havet stoped since. Hope this helps. Cheers Chris.

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Before i forget the two

Tue, 2007-09-04 17:44

Before i forget the two cranks i was talking about are for getting into the strike zone! Many people cast out and start retrieving but what they dont relize is that the lure might take 2metres to get down to its depth range and by this stage the bream are still at the snag and havent even seen it yet! If that makes sence? On flats fishing i also do this at the start and inbetween retreival so it is getting down to where the fish are and also stiring up some mud which like i said before the bream love!

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Tue, 2007-09-04 22:18

Nice report Rickets. Nothing like trying something a bit more challenging.

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Good stuff

Wed, 2007-09-05 00:22

Well done ricketts. Pretty satisfying catching a fish on lures!