Easter - Onslow

Just got back from Onslow. Unfortunately we only got amongst it 2 days out of five, but it was better than sitting at home in Tom Price for the Easter break! It wasn't firing as much as we'd liked, but as they say 'A bad days fishing, beats a good day at work'!!!!

Good weather on Friday made the ride out to Penguin Bank nice, quick and easy with the Spaniards liking the teasers more than our lures, only boating one Mac around 6kg. A bit of a bottom bash in the vicinity, and a few size Reds and some nice spanglies were on deck. Running out of light, we headed for Rosily, where we anchored for the night. Sambo went diving on dusk and managed a few painted crays for dinner. With the crays and a few Spangleys cooked up for dinner and a couple of cold cans and we were living like kings!

Waking early on Saturday after a good feed of bacon and eggs, we headed to 'spot X'. Along the way we had boat problems which forced us to head back to Onslow for a few quick repairs. The repairs made everyone a little too thirsty, so we ended up rehydrating(?)! From there, a fuzzy plan was made to start early and get the boat on the water and do an overnighter the next day.

Due to low tide in the morning, we ended up getting the boat in around 8AM. The wind overnight chopped the water up a fair bit, so we made the dash to Anchor Island. Along the way picking up a small tuna and a big Gold spot on the troll. We did a bit of trolling and flicking in close to Anchor, staying out of the wind, and with no luck, decided to head from Anchor and have a bottom bash. Around the high tide a good red hit the deck and a few spangleys. After a while a couple of Dolphin fish rocked up in the burley trail. After trying to flick Lasers, Trihos and any other smallish lures, Todd hooked up with a floating bait. This one was a big fella and gave a few big jumps 5 metres from the boat and a good tussle on his Cacutta 200. Unfortunately a dodgy gaff shot and the big fella was away to fight another day, much to Todds disgust(still yet to boat a Dolphin fish)! Sambo hooked up to one on his Calais baitcaster and did well to boat him on 4kg. As Sam was hooked up I was bringing my bottom rig up and one decided to jump on. After 5 min tussles, both fish were boated. After a bit more bottom bashing, we decided to call it a day and head back to Ashburton. Todd rang his missus to get an overnight forecast. It was decided to head back into Onslow as it wasnt sounding too good with 20knt+ SW. we made the dash back in and with the low tide, were forced to anchor up in Beadon Creek, cook a feed and have a sleep, waiting for the tide to come in (just after midnight) to drive the boat back on the trailer.

All in all, a great trip was had by all. Shame it was only two days as Monday turned out to be a good day, till it blew up a bit in the arvo but I got to see a few things that I have never seen before. The colours and the show that the Dolphin Fish put on and the sight of big Macs caining the teasers will certainly stay with me for a while, im just spewing I didnt get any video of it. Maybe next time!
PS: I iwll post some pics when I learn how to!


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Great Report Plugga!!!

Tue, 2007-04-10 16:46

Very very jealous!!!

Well done on a what sounds like a great adventure.


Andy Mac



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Tue, 2007-04-10 18:46

Great stuff there Plugga, the Mackerel Islands is certainly an awesome part of the world. An XOS landing net will make the job easier when trying to boat dolles, there certainly hard to gaff.



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