Cray Lord Plastics and Jigheads INSTOCK NOW

We’ve just received some new and exciting products from Vexed!

The full range Cray Lord’s soft plastics and matching jig heads have just hit the shelves and they look and feel the goods, with plenty of good dhus already being slain on them!

The plastics come in an awesome selection of Glow and UV colours and sizes from 4 inches all the way up to 7 inches, so they can be used for a huge range of fish species! The Cray Lord’s huge paddled tail is also definitely a big plus when attracting those hungry demersal fish.

The matching Cray Lord’s heads also feature a range of Glow and UV colours and come in weights from 100gm up to 300gm!

Come in and check the full range of these bad boys out!

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