Cooking lesson

1 kilo boiled spuds . 1.5 kg boiled dhue( waste maybe) . 4 tomatoes .half red onion . Thickened cream ( fresh garlic ) in blender with salt and pepper. Pizza perfect cheese on top. I put layer of dhue on bottom of tray . Then 2 layers of spuds ( sliced) then layer of tomatoes sliced . Then tip thickened cream/salt / pepper / red onion over the top . Topped of with pizza perfect cheese . Absolutely unreal . Night before tailor fillets in batter ( white vinegar and flour salt /pepper) vinegar evaporates leaves a crunchy thin batter . ( saves wasting beer). I think it would be perfect shark batter with lemon twist added.

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No end to your talents

Wed, 2021-11-03 08:34

Sounds yum  

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 Sounds great LJ. I just need

Wed, 2021-11-03 10:38

 Sounds great LJ. I just need some dhue and photos of the finished product!


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