Collection of boat ramps.

Hi guys , recently got a trailer build for my 28ft Shark cat which im towing with a NPR 300 (only RWD).The sharky has been on a Pen since owning it and the previous boat was a 18ft which could be launch pretty much anywhere.

Most of my fishing has been out of Bunbury , so ive had a few experiences with the local ramps.

Thought il start this topic which explains ramps abit better for the next guy from my experience so far with the long and heavy tri-axle



Currently ive launched and retrieved my boat with out any hassle from the Old BP boat ramps , No drop offs at the end and the 2wd truck had no issues pulling the 4.5ton load out.

Boat ramp near Parade hotel got a drop off about 3m into the water line , where once my rear axle when down it , i had to get a snatch from a 4x4 to get out, So requires a vehicle with 4x4 or best to avoid it for the longer / heavier boats.


It would be nice to hear from the guys with the heavier/longer boats which ramps to avoid and which ramp they enjoyed using.

Attached is the BP Ramp and Parade Ramp mentioned above








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10m leisure cat- Boat Ramp-New marine business.

Fri, 2021-10-29 14:43

 Hi mate,

We just put our boat back in the water yestereday.

We used a 6 wheel truck to put it in at the Bunbury Powerboat club.

Great ramp, no drop offs, plenty of room to back it in.

We keep the boat penned at the Bunbury Yacht Club across the waters.

Check out our new business.

Cheers DAMO



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Hi mate , very exciting to

Fri, 2021-10-29 18:30

Hi mate , very exciting to hear about ure bussiness, something bunbury has been lacking! I was thinking of doing the same sort of business , but my boat is not even close to being as well set up as ures! My pen actually runs out at the yacht club end of this week. Great group of guys there!


Thanks for the knowledge about the power boat ramp , will give that a go next time!


Im hoping to hear more about ramps down south and all the way up to exmouth aswell ;)

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Shark Bay

Fri, 2021-10-29 20:36

 If you want to launch in Shark Bay , forget the public ramp and use the commercial ramp across the road from the cafe. You just have to clear the seaweed off first.


Carnarvon's new ramp in the Fascine can handle your boat easily, the hard part is getting out to sea with the mouth blocking up. The ramp in the big boat harbour has  a drop off at the end which can catch you out if launching at anything under half tide.

Exmouth's town ramp is good, Tantabiddy at full tide may be ok but anything less you might be in trouble. Forget Bundegi unless full tide again.

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 Hey John, did they ever

Sat, 2021-10-30 07:30

 Hey John, did they ever recover that excavator?


Love the West!

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Sat, 2021-10-30 10:29

 Took them about 3 months to get what was left of it. I think what is left of it is in Portside engineerings yard in Carnarvon

Still remember taking DoT people out to put navigation lights on it

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 Bit of an issue with Tantas

Sat, 2021-10-30 07:58

 Bit of an issue with Tantas ramp in exmouth is the transition from turnaround area to ramp is quite sharp and not not tapered. Lots of scrape marks too of the ramp where long trailers bottom out. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Tow capacity

Sat, 2021-10-30 11:04

Hi mate interested to know what variant you have of the npr300 that can tow 4500kgs ??  I'm gathering its on a truck license not derated ? 

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Hi mate, on the front of the

Sat, 2021-10-30 17:17

Hi mate, on the front of the truck you can see lettering which says NPR , but its pretty faded and cant read the model. Model doesnt even show on rego papers.

On the side its got 300 ( siTEC120 Turbo). Yeah its on a truck license mate (MR) truck is under the 1R2 category and not derated at this stage.





Hopefully this link works ( )