bill fish shots

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 Nice one looks like you got

Mon, 2013-06-10 09:27

 Nice one looks like you got some nice weather


Karratha. WA

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Hi TelferfishJust wondering

Wed, 2013-06-12 16:16

Hi Telferfish

Just wondering what outrigger set-up  you have on your Barcrusher I have a 560WR and have been thinking about getting some, are they gunnel mounted or just slip in to the rod holders?

Cheers Zac

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Wed, 2013-06-12 16:24

Nice work mate, been getting a few or is it hard work?


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been on nightshift for 40

Wed, 2013-06-12 21:04

been on nightshift for 40 days so its killing me not getting out much, the weather been below average anyways. had 2 cracks at them but raised bugger all for 1 fish. Think it has picked up the last few weeks from reports so id say it will go off the next good bit of weather we get and a chance of gettng some clean blue water in closer.


outriggers are teloscopic pacific poles, relax t topper baces monted into flush bace plates on the gunnels. if you have the hard top WR you way be able to mount them up their? the gunnels are probably more solid in saying that tho especially if you fit a fish plate on the underside of the gunnel to spread the load.