Anyone with a Calcutta 700 - clutch retraction spring

After not being able to get the free spool to click back into gear, i opened up the Calcutta 700 that I've inherited to find the Clutch Retraction Spring (part 1752) laying loose in the reel. From the schematic it appears that one end fits around part 1753 as it feeds through part 1757. However, this means it needs to connect on a 45 degree angle to part 1749, which seems to not work. I've  scoured the net, google images, youtube, alantani etc and can't find any images of this version (possibly the original version) of the 700 that shows the clutch retraction spring connected. Note that the 400, 700b etc. are a different design and don't appear to have this spring.

Hoping someone here may have this reel and can upload a photo showing this spring in place. Alternatively, happy for any guidance from anyone good at reading schematics.

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 try 0429689949  think his

Tue, 2022-06-21 16:55

 try 0429689949  think his name is Alan - reel smooth  is his business

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 Cheers buddy, finally got it

Tue, 2022-06-21 17:15

 Cheers buddy, finally got it sorted over the weekend. It sits below where the schematic seems to suggest. I'll keep the reel smooth number handy.