Abrolhos Island

Hey all.

I was looking at some of my pic's from my abrolhos trip that i did a few years ago and am keen as to go again next year sometime.

I was wondering how many people have been and who they went with. I want to do a 3 day trip hopefully to the northern group this time as i fished the southern last time.

I was after any info on the charters you went with like price and how you rated them?

Its such a great place and want to get back.

Cheers danno.

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Saltwater Charters! I've been

Wed, 2011-12-14 15:24

Saltwater Charters! I've been multiple times last three years. Are a few threads on here with more info, but basics: Better spots (most under 20-30m, not deep stuff, which is important when you're releasing heaps), more focus on pelagics (chucking or trolling), less people (8 max), good food and good skipper.