1 Mile Jetty Carnarvon

 Just read that the 1 Mile Jetty in Carnarvon has been totally destroyed by a combination of high tides and strong winds.

Carnarvon has recorded winds of 107kph.

Spent plenty of nights out there as a kid. 


 Use The Force

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Very sad

Sun, 2021-04-11 17:50

Very sad


Bring on April

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Sun, 2021-04-11 21:20

So many people fished that jetty 

'Hopefully a rebuild is possible 


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 A dam shame 1st started

Mon, 2021-04-12 11:03

 A dam shame 1st started going there in the early nineties. Saw more than 200 Mulloway landed there one night  all 10kgs-15kgs. I remember there was a group of school kids up there for some sort of bmx bike competition and they had come out on the jetty for a fish the night before and virtually every one of them landed a good fish or two or more. Smiles and good memories made that night for sure.Myself and a mate landed eight that night. Back then rules were a bit different and it was five per person back then. We stopped fishing and helped others land their fish. Fished it many times after that catching and releasing lots of fish. Also good for a variety of other fish too like pelagics like Mackerel etc. Snapper also an occasional catch. Yellowtail Bream 45cm+ very common and a variety of Sharks. Plenty of big turtles swimming about to watch as well. Hopefully it gets rebuilt in some form or another for the next generation to enjoy.

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Used to get good tailor

Tue, 2021-04-13 17:17

there for ballon baits way back when. 


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Sat, 2021-05-08 05:56

 Fat chance of that Im afraid, have you seen the town??