Reel Obsession - MMMM

Reel Obsession - MMMM

Reel Obsession, one of the local EGFC boys going out. What a rig!


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Bloody nice outfit with a

Wed, 2007-01-24 09:03

Bloody nice outfit with a whole heap of toe that big gal eh...

Left us literally in her wake on a mates boat 'bout 6 mths ago. She was right there in front of us one minute, looked back a short time later and she was loooooooooooong gone.

twin 250 verados'll do that....!!!!
Lucky the owner also owns the local servo.....

Bloody nice outfit for plying the waters up there.

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very nice

Fri, 2010-03-05 21:08

my mates dad used to work at leisure cat and he gets to take all the different models out for free

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awsome boat

Fri, 2010-03-05 21:14

awsome boat adam ,thats 1 serious cat

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nice boat , except for the

Fri, 2010-03-05 23:00

nice boat , except for the black anchors on the back

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HAHAHA yeah the black

Sat, 2010-03-06 07:53

HAHAHA yeah the black anchors, like it. I've always had a thing about Mercs since I was a kid in the late 70's and the old man bought a boat with a 90hp Merc.  The first run we took on the river, he gave  me the wheel and told me to steer only at that moment for the damned thing to blow up (gearbox) been scarred ever since.Give me the Suzi anyday!


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leisure pigs

Sat, 2010-03-06 09:31

went out on a 7m leisure cat the the day and it was the worst boat i have ever been on  , way to much roll when at drift even in flat seas you still had to hold on for dear life and felt like it was going to roll over with a following sea give me a shark cat or kevlar cat any day lot more stable 

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I've been in two and they

Sat, 2010-03-06 10:08

I've been in two and they have been fine all day, neither the noosa or kevlar cat I've been in really handled any better.

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