Yamaha 300HP Trim Tilt display problem on Digital gauge & QL trim tabs

On my last trip out, my Yamaha Trim Tilt display was showing that it's all the way down, stuck on digital gauge only.

Even though I was able to move it up and down via button on Control stick, ie even if I lifted the prop all the way out of the water it stayed like image below.

Switching off everything and on didn't reset.

Does anyone know why?

This didn't effect what the Trim tilt function did on motor, it worked fine - i just didn't know how high or low the prop was in the water without physically looking.

Then after motoring on the water for a couple of hours (runtime), all of sudden my port QL Tim tab went all the way down and locked all the way down!???

I couldn't undo that. (Have a 7.2 Razerline Hardtop)

Question: is the Trim Tilt function of the Yamaha, somehow connected to the electronic smarts of the QL Trim technology?

Any ideas?


Cheers Guys.

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Sounds like coincidence

Sat, 2021-01-16 15:42

The trim gauge only works off a little tab operating a pot down the back, near your steering tube. They (the tab) can come loose, then it won't work the pot when the motor moves. I had it happen on an F115, and a mate with an F300 had it happen recently, easy to fix , probably not even needing parts, unless the tab is actually broken. 

As for the auto tabs, whole other thing, which I have no knowledge of, sorry.

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Not sure on the 300 but my

Sat, 2021-01-16 15:49

Not sure on the 300 but my 150 yammy has a plastic switch that is mounted to the the pin that the motor swings on under the back of the cowling that gets a bit sticky and just needs a clean/lube a couple of times a year. No idea on the trim tab.


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 Its the trim sensor on the

Sun, 2021-01-17 06:27

 Its the trim sensor on the back will be seized.My yamaha f70 did the same recently.Spray some lube on and work it back and forward and it will be fine again.