why do I suck

I can't catch anything, I must of taken about 10 different fishing trips to several popular locations, using the right bait, the right rigs rods you name it. but have yet to catch a fish, even the blowies dont like me, i caught 3 blowies once from the maylands yacht club and i think it was the same one each time.

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if its bream your after, try

Mon, 2007-01-08 06:13

if its bream your after, try using Widegap/Shiner hooks and dont set the hook straight away. Blowies will pick as will small bream, big bream will pick it up and run. I normally leave some slack in the line(like a bow) and watch the line, if its getting tapped i leave it , if it straightens out properlly i will strike.

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The right stuff

Mon, 2007-01-08 08:12

Ahhhh, well maybe you aren't doing the right stuff Ham? If your not catching the fish then maybe you should try something different. A new technique, a different bait or lure. When I'm river fishing if I'm not catching anything then I will try something new until I do, doesn't always work mind you, but more often than not a bit of variation seems to work. The other thing to maybe try is to not visit the popular locations, try somewhere of your own and you may be pleasantly suprised.


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Mon, 2007-01-08 08:45

It took me about 6 months to catch my first Bream on a soft plastic and was just about to give it away when finally I got a 38cm from the back of the Belmont race course. Now I frequent this spot for some Bream fun an it has always produced for me on Lures and bait, some good flathead around there to. Park in the waterski area and walk around the race course until you see a couple of trees laying in the water (BIG ONES) and fish either side of them you might be supprized.
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lure fishing

Sun, 2007-01-28 16:35

hi spess just wandering what type of soft plastics do you use.i also have had trouble fishing with soft plastics and have never caught a fish on them.do you think i might be using a wrong technique when fishing with them?

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Mon, 2007-01-08 13:50

Changing tactics is the best way. If you have been doing one thing a lot try something different. Be it rig, bait, lure whatever...
Different spots but don't get all pissed off you don't catch anything in the first 5,10,30 mins. Give it a chance. Berley up. Get a slick happening for the tailor, herring etc... Time of day helps too. At dusk/dawn is best for some fish or just at night. And last of all persistence pays off. Don't expect to catch a fish first, second or every cast but just keep at it. Once you get it there is no turning back

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Hey there Ham where do you

Mon, 2007-01-08 19:09

Hey there Ham where do you live I take my kids down every now and then to the fremantle harbour fishing and they always catch fish I am not one of those fishing experts but it has always worked down there to keep the kids busy you can try for smaller stuff up higher or bash the bottom with a chunk of squid I normally get a flattie or two doing this just remember try to make the bait look as natural as possible.depending where you are i can take you out on my boat I will bet you at least catch a wrasse.CHEERS SHAG


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Tue, 2007-01-09 17:33

patience is prolly one of the biggest things...dont get frustrated (only when losing expensive lures,swear lots) but like every1 has said mix it up a little...and remember just because it worked this time in this place doesnt mean it will all the time......different conditions means different tecniques.....i dare say we all look forward to your first fish posting....good luck and happy fishing!!!!
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Russ like many people will

Mon, 2007-01-29 10:48

Russ like many people will tell you once you get the first one the rest are easier.And that is because you relise what you did right! I use a lift and drop techinque winding in the drop which creates a bouncing along the bottom effect! If that doesnt work a slow twiching retreive works, were you slowly wind the lure back with a few small rod twiches and pauses chucked in for good measure. Also try jigging them around structure works too. the best thing i can tell you is stick to one lure for the start and have conferdence it will work, the more you change the more time your out of the water. Greens and blues on clearer days and browns, reds and golds on murkier days. Think like a fish and youll do better! Where would you be if its hotter? Maybe under a nice shady tree! Bit colder then maybe on the warmer water flats! I dont know everything and there is people on this site that proberly can answer this better but these things work for me 99 percent of the time. As for lures i find the eco eyeball tails in green and also brown work well, Berkley 3" minows and grubs, snapbacks and gulp work great as well. Stick to watermellon, pumkin seed, camo and poo brown. Hope this helps.