Anybody going out on monday or tuesday for a fish that wants company or someone to make them look good let me know. Will be coming up tonight for a few days work. Gonna bring my gear up. Staying in Hamersley/Warwick area so will be aiming to get up around hillarys marina at least once. Don't know of many spots in perth so anyone that wants to give advice is welcome too.

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I no that Bouttime is

Sun, 2007-01-28 14:38

I no that Bouttime is looking for someone to jump on his boat for a fish. But he leaves from Woodmans point not Hillarys.

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Gotta be afternoon as well.

Sun, 2007-01-28 14:45

Gotta be afternoon as well. Working until 3ish. Can knock off earlier though ;). Probably just aim for shore based.
Monday heading to ocean reef for some sharkies. Prolly go from 8:30-9 til late. Chase some tailor as well.
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