Who wanted the comparo of Beastmaster 9000 vs Seaborg Megatwin?

 Sometime before I left for Ningaloo in June, there was a discussion of the relative merits of both. As I now own both, I said I'd give an opinion when I had used them side by side for longer. I'd previously only used them out to 100m or so, no deepdropping.  Can't find that thread, so I'll start a new one.

To cut straight to the chase, in 300m,  the 9000 wins, IMO. NOTE--this is the just superseded model. And the Megatwin is the 1000 model, not the newer 1200. Start the two side by side in 100m , with just a sinker, retrieve speed is the same. Seaborg will "sound" faster, but has to spin quicker due to a smaller diameter, wider spool. When you really put the weight on, there are pro's and cons of both. The biggest con for the Seaborg is its habit of dropping back to low range when it warms up a bit--great, right when you are in sharking territory.   I got iinto the habit of winding flat out by hand when that happened., until the green -Hi- light came back on, then driving electric again. The Beastmaster just keeps winding fast, limited only by how hard you have the drag set. I've pulled up 23kg cod from 300m with both--the Seaborg went low range the whole way. With the Beastmaster, I "managed" it a bit, but got it up quicker. The spool friction knob on the Seaborg is larger and more accessible, handy for preventing back lash when the boat is rolling around. This is more important with this outfit, as it has the older style, longer, softer Daiwa Dendoh rod ( the orange one) so it is a bit more prone to that sort of thing. I like the rod, but you need to be careful with the bigger sinkers.

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 Cheers for the feedback.

Mon, 2020-07-13 20:00

 Cheers for the feedback. Doesn't help me directly but I'm sure some find it useful and can't believe nobody has commented. 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Mon, 2020-07-13 20:16

 I have the Beastmaster and it goes well, but have no idea how it compares to other electrics. Appreciate Ranmars posts, always highest quality info and pictures.

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I was one

Mon, 2020-07-13 20:19

I commented on one of the last posts that I was likely to buy a Beastmaster next time around.  Currently I have a Megatwin 1000, a Tanacom Bull 1000 and a Tanacom 1000.  They've been good (I havent used the Tanacom 1000...it's a spare), but my son recently used a Beastmaster 9000 after using mine a fair bit and said it was better and seemed to have more grunt.  I have not used a Beastmaster, so was just going off what he said.

Certainly agree with the habit the Megatwin has of going back to low gear when under load...this is annoying, but I guess the high speed is mostly for retrieving when no fish on.

Based on what a read above, I'm still likely to buy a Beastmaster next time.

Thanks Ranmar for taking the time to report.


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bear in mind new models of both have been released

Tue, 2020-07-14 07:49

 I haven't heard feedback on the new Daiwa, Seaborg Megatwin 1200, but I am hearing good things about the new Beastmaster 9000. Apparently markedly more powerful and faster under load than the previous model. One comment from an owner in Exmouth was that, if he and others started retrieving rubies from 300m, he had his on board, and the hooks rebaited, and on the way down, before the others had their fish on board. 

But I'm not sure what he was comparing to. The price on the new one is eye-watering, over $2200 for reel alone. For comparison, Bluewater Exmouth, whose prices match those in  the metro area, have a Tanacom 1000 with Daiwa Dendoh Grandwave rod (80-120lb) , spooled up, for a bit over $1300. The new Beastmaster 9000 combo, with the same rod, spolled up, is over $2800. I bought the older Beastmaster combo, again with same rod, from them in January , for $2400, IIRC.