Who is using rqymarine dragonfly 7 with gold card

 Just wondering  who is using the new sounder from ray marine thinking of buyiny one. Does anybody know can you link a samsung tablet to it ao you can have 2 screens ??


 My name is dan been living in wa 7 years now originally from east coast . New to ocean fishing here to get some tips off the gurus.

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I've got the Dragonfly 7 with

Sun, 2015-10-25 22:59

I've got the Dragonfly 7 with gold card. Great unit for the price, very easy to use and works fine in auto mode so no stuffing around with the setup. Detail on the gold card was a little disappointing as the contour lines are not nearly as detailed as you can see for free on Navionics webb app but still gives you a good idea of where pinnacles and drop offs are. As far as I'm aware it's only the dragonfly pro models that you can link to other devices, you can't do it on my one.