Warroora Station - Lagoon

 Hey all,

I'm heading up to Warroora station camping at the Lagoon for 8 nights and just wanted to see if anyone can give some advice.

What is the landbased fishing like at the Lagoon and what's the preferred method - baits, lures?


Is it possible to launch a kayak at the lagoon (I know weather dependant) and how far out is the reef? 

I'm taking a 4m fishing kayak with me so planning to fish from that when possible.

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 I've only been there once,

Fri, 2021-05-28 09:16

 I've only been there once, so take this with a healthy dose of salt:

Off the beach right in front of the campsite is fine using bait, I caught dart and queenfish.

I also came across a school of school mackerel and caught a few using a 40 gram Halco Twisty.


Yes you'll be able to launch the kayak off the beach, I wouldn't try launching a boat there, but did help to launch some jetskis.  


Reef is a fair way out, a couple of k's I think.


Have fun it's a magical place.