Gday guys for those who are heading down for salmon here is the latest report form waren: we were down there for 2 days and caught 30 salmon with a couple of mates which were al in an hour on firday conditions where clear birds everywhere they were feeding on yaka (found some on the beach), we pulled up nier a sand spit out of 200 4WD the ranger that was down there said we did the best soo i have a feeling it might have had somethign to do with that.. teh lure that were working were the white mark richter predator lures(medium size) around 70g halco twisties worked magicaly (silver) and other poppers they seemed to follow in but didnt wana striek on them. we started of by using mulies and chanegd to lures

will post pictures later of the ones we kept for dinnerr :) :)  good luck

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Sun, 2008-03-23 17:10

Well done Jonya, I was fish'n Yeagerup last Weds- Thurs we only got 3 Salmon its unreal so close yet so far ya never know when or where they'll turn up.



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Sounds good jonya. I'm

Sun, 2008-03-23 19:46

Sounds good jonya. I'm heading down there next weekend so I hope we have as much luck as you
So many fishing spots. Not enough sickies!!!!!!!