Sunday cant come soon enough. The easterlies up here have been howling now for over a month. Did get a fish in today, two hours up a creek on some light gear. Managed to land a nice threadie on 1kg a 50cm jack on 3kg and a few estuary cod. Was just enough to fuel the habbit, next stop will be exmouth.

Adam are you still keen to meet up with us at some stage to filter out some of that local knowledge, im sure we can bribe you with some cold refreshments. If so we will be at the lighthouse caravan park some stage sunday morning. Let us know ad we will organise something. Same goees for anyone else in the area at that time, if you want to catch up with another boat give us a hoy.



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Great news mate I have been

Thu, 2007-06-14 21:07

Great news mate
I have been watching the weather down there lately and it is much better than here. I live in the point samson area and the only good thing about this wind i guess is that fact that it gives the fish some time to find a better hiding spot, and recover a little.

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wish i was at the lighthouse

Thu, 2007-06-14 21:57

wish i was at the lighthouse caravan park right now, spent many good times there!
How about this brad, you pay for my flight up there and i pay for yours down here , sound fair? We have bream....whiting....sambos... What a deal!

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Thu, 2007-06-14 23:19

Dream on shizzbot. Yeh, I'm keen to catch up Brad, will send you a PM with my mobily number. I'm working Saturday so will have a bit of an idea of whats around, been a bit quiet lately, but thats sorta because these north easterlies have been destroying the place. Still fish to be found or backup plans which are still fun if necessary. Word about the place is that we are in for more strong ones next week as well, SIGH! Anyway, here's hoping! Give me a buzz when you get in, if theres no answer then I'm out there myself and will buzz ya when I get in.



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no worries mate, as long as

Fri, 2007-06-15 11:30

no worries mate, as long as there is a pub mate.
Sounds like a good deal shizz, i caugh 23 whiting in my cast net in one cast this morning, thew the bloody things back not even good for bait, hahaha.
Only joking mate.........they are ok bait haha.

cheers adam, will catch up later....