SW inland Fishing help?

Ok guys,

The possibility is that over the xmas new years break, I may be able to head down south for a few days, however, my wife and her family usually go down to a lake to camp every year near arthur river (wagin sorta proximity)... just wondering what estuaries and fisheries would be closest to this place to go fishing in... for bream or trout or whatever is around to flick lures at...

Anyone know much about the esturine systems down there and where abouts they are located, lakes or rivers, mainly landbased...

suggestions would ROCK!

thanks guys!

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Spess is from that way

Sun, 2007-12-02 20:16

And streetfighter   I will ask them or pm street
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the lake they go to is near

Sun, 2007-12-02 20:22

the lake they go to is near the actual arthur river, which downstream more, turns into the blackwood which I know produces good bream etc...

I guess id be willing to go to boyup brook (the town) however, regarding the blackwood, if people could elaborate, how far up do the bream run in the blackwood and what other species are found in the _upper_ reaches of the blackwood/boyup brook/arthur river systems?

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When i was down there in the winter

Sun, 2007-12-02 20:28

The water was in flood and the fish more downstream
And lots of big redfin around
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I Come from the Frankland

Mon, 2007-12-03 15:06

I Come from the Frankland River Area rickets and from my knowledge
of the Frankland, you have to travel a fair way down to get to the Bream.
(Which runs into Walpole)
My guess is that you'd have to head a reasonable distance South
to get into the Bream. Not too sure about whether you'd get red-fin
that far up either but if you were to get anything, thats what it'd be.

I'd say Adam would know how far up the Bream would be in that system.
I mainly fish the Frankland and Deep rivers (they flow into Walpole) so
probably a bit too far for you to travel.

Hope this helps mate.


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i just got back from a

Mon, 2007-12-03 15:32

i just got back from a school camp and we paddled from deep river across the inlet and up the franklin to mt franklin where we stayed, theres plenty of bream and flatties around the flats in the inlet, i dint have a cast in deep or franklin but there is some very fishy structure in both, there is a very strong curent in the franklin which could also bring fish into the mouths. we also hiked the bib track along the coasts which isnt to far from these rivers they produced some good tailor and plenty of herring, but only if ur prepared to travel abit

hope this helps