sunday 18/5

great day out yesterday headed out to covs for a bit of bait but could only bag 2 herring so went out to 20m of water to get a few wrasse for bait. First drop ended up being a big gurnet and a just legal breaksea which was great for lunch on the barby out there. Then dad hooked up to something decent and after about 15mins an 11.5kg whiskery came up took a bit of work with a blunt gaf but we got him. Then headed out to 28m of water for some whiting. Got 28 big thick sand whiting then hooked up to something alot bigger using only a tiny cube of squid and size 4 long shanks on 30lb braid with a 25lb mono leader got a 8kg hammerhead to the surface. Not wanting to stuff around with the gaf again dad grabbed its tail i grabbed its dorsal and just ripped it into the boat. Then a few more whiting and little flatties (dad got spiked by a tiny flattie was fun watching him complain hehe). Went back into coventrys for a bit had a double of herring on and a sambo of around 20kg followed it back to the boat but couldnt get a hit. All in all was a great day was back to the ramp at 2 and almost all day was absolute glass

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Busy day there Luke George

Mon, 2008-05-19 10:55

A big mixture of fish.
Your dad has got to watch them flatties.

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Sounds like you had a fun

Mon, 2008-05-19 20:51

Sounds like you had a fun day, good to see you got a nice feed .I know how dad feels i got pricked a couple off weeks ago but that was nothing compered to the sting of a scorpion cod not a nice feeling at all..
happy fishing


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