Stella 8 or 10K

Hey poeple, as i missed out on a stella 8000 on ebay (won the bid but it turned out they had none in stock and still dont) i am in the market for an 8000 or 10000FA. If anyone wants to unload one at a competitive price let me know. Otherwise as soon as the ebay shops in the us get them back in stock, im going to get one


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I reckon pretty soon the 8k

Fri, 2008-05-16 23:23

I reckon pretty soon the 8k will be a fair bit cheaper local, pm me for details as I cant advertise here.

Might just be able to rustle one up for you at a reaonable price.

 Cheers, Al.

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i am in the same position as

Sat, 2008-05-17 13:04

i am in the same position as you Brad, except i just want a stella 10k, heard these will be getting cheaper local as the new stellas will be taking over?

anyone got a good one as a reasonable price pm me!

Hobie send me a pm aswell mate on a stella 10k if you could? 





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Sat, 2008-05-17 13:57

I have Stella 8000's in stock and rate them highly, i own two myself. PM me if i can help Brad!


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prices vary

Sat, 2008-05-17 18:39

Having a look at a few sites around and Mo's is the cheapest on the 8000fa but not sure how much freight is to WA.

Campells has been bought out by a QLD Company so neither option is supporting your local tackle store really.

I wont buy anything off ebay ever again after a couple of bad experiences when living over east.

The 8000fa is a very good reel for the price and most people that want one have paid the money without complaining about the price tag they carry, I love mine and wouldnt part with it unless the new models are a fair bit better.

The new ones should be available in a couple of months after the tackle show, then the FA's will drop in price a fair bit I'd imagine.

Ryan has them in stock so go see him, I'm out of them (they're a good seller) & waiting for my last order to show up, so could be about a week away.

Cheers, Al.