Smellys and bait ( or food)

Let one of my sons use boat Thursday night . Mullys still there . Went for swim today ( water warm) crabs still everywhere . Occys look like they have been having a ball . One good thing about crab ban . Occy get big quick .

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 Mullys still where? Haha. 

Sat, 2022-04-16 17:13

 Mullys still where? Haha.  Good job mate 

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Sat, 2022-04-16 17:58

Nice haul on the occys

well done  


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great package of food and

Sat, 2022-04-16 18:08

great package of food and bait LJ ,, gotta be stoked with that


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 Nice John, full moon still

Sun, 2022-04-17 08:37

 Nice John, full moon still gets them going.

Hit the squid up when back in a couple of weeks.

May even have a Dhu bash?

Looking like the deck could use a coat of paint mate.


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