Shimano Twinpower 8000PG

Gday, been looking at these reels for quite some time now, and i am pretty keen on getting one..

from what i have read the PG twinpower seems to be better/stronger than the sustains?  is that right?

Also i want to run 50lb braid on it..will this handle 50lb braid?

If i can get one locally that would be great! anyone selling one? otherwise is there any safe companies over the net that sells them?

Approx what price are they?

Any info on them would be great..






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why are you selling you

Thu, 2008-02-21 11:41

why are you selling you Stella 8000?? That is better than the twinpower you're looking at now.

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Thu, 2008-02-21 13:57

G'Day Sam,

I picked up an 8000pg last year in Hong Kong for $310AU. Good strong reel and yes it will handle 50lb braid. Use it as my light jigging reel and it has knocked over a few fish now (including sambo's) without any trouble.


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...Hi my name is Sam and i'm

Thu, 2008-02-21 14:20

...Hi my name is Sam and i'm a tacklejunky

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I've got the Twinpower

Thu, 2008-02-21 16:25

I've got the Twinpower 8000HG....using it mainly a medium popping reel with PE5. I've used it for jigging too on Kingfish to 18kg. PE5 is probably its limit. So far, I really love this's got enough grunt to knock over most fish and is light enough to use all day...I find I go for this reel before my Stella 20000....unless I'm in tiger country.....Great quality at less than half the price of a stella....
I got mine brand new on ebay for A$350 delivered...bargain!
The link below has them for a bit more now, I got a Ocea Jigger 5000P from them and their service was great.....Arrived 5 days ater placing the order.....

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keep the Stella

Thu, 2008-02-21 17:00

Sam - I love the TP in either form and the two guys I fish with use them as their main reel, but having used the Stella back to back no comparison if you already own it, if I was buying one again I would buy the TP just because I don't think the stella is three times as good.

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cheers for the input fellas,

Thu, 2008-02-21 17:21

cheers for the input fellas, its just that i have a $900+ fishin reel sitting in my room that i have only use a couple of times..

just want to down grade to something cheap but still strong enough to handle 50lb braid

i love my stella and will regret selling it but i have holidays etc etc that i need to pay for .. 





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fair nough

Thu, 2008-02-21 17:31

Having said that I would happily go to Exmouth with Just my 8000 full of a good pe5 and a baitcaster or light branzino type reel for the spangs and creeks. I haven't hooked anything up there trolling that the stella would not have handled - but I suck at Trolling, best spanish went 50lb though and the 8000 handled it with ease. Actually got bricked by more bottom fish on the troll last time and that was my fault for trolling crazy deeps way back in 8-10m of water, fish only had to move sideways to hit the coral.
The B/s Artist formerly known as Wrassehole