Hey guys, quick question....

i have a double rubber gun (one of the rob allan tuna rail guns), was wondering if it matters if both the rubbers arent exactly the same length? i have the 2 that came with it, but found them quite diffiuclt to load (im a novice so my technique needs improving) so i bought another rubber very slightly longer....

is it ok to use the longer rubber to reach the farthest notch and the shorter on the one slightly closer?? this would make it a bit easier for me, but dont want to effect accuracy etc, if this is the case i will just buy a second longer rubber, but was hoping to not have to spend any more.

would be great to get your thoughts!



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 It's fine mate. The shorter

Mon, 2018-05-07 21:16

 It's fine mate. The shorter rubber will be doing most of the work I assume. Maybe try and play with only using the longer one to start off with and load the shorter one when out in the bluewater.

What you will find is that Loading is 90% technique and 10% strength.

Watch some YouTube videos or join WAUC for advice and to meet some experienced spearos

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Mon, 2018-05-07 21:49

 definitely as said by ant1 .. 90% technique 

for sure . I load my Robby on the chest best

way to go ! I've got a cressi spear wettie with

a pad to load into have seen guys use rubber

thongs down there wettie which I thought was 

a good idea . More load pressure better accuracy 

and hitting power which is what you want ! Have

seen a mates cheapee gun shaft bounce off a 

baldies head ?? Quite funny!! Cheers pirate

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Tue, 2018-05-08 07:52

i use a 1300 tuna, and generally only use a single rubber. I find that has plenty of stopping power. 

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 Don't always need both

Tue, 2018-05-08 07:59

 Don't always need both rubbers for reef fish. If you over power a spear it will flex through the water and not be accurate 

as said above just give it a go with one and see how you go 

rubber thong down the front of the wetty is me every time I dive