Rod reccomendation to use with Slammer 3500

Hey guys,

Finally giving up my oversized reels and broomstick rods for some lighter gear. I was gifted a Penn Slammer 3500 and I would like a reccomendation for a nice graphite rod to match with it, we mainly tinny fish the offshore reefs with bait.

I want some sensitivity and be able to have a bit of fun with it. I have a 5500 also so bonus points if both would suit but mainly want it to match my smaller reel.

Thanks for any help folks :)

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Oceans legacy

Sun, 2022-05-08 22:34

 May not be what your after, but im very happy with my oceans legacy - element rods


For the 3500 id go the lightest/PE2 and could put the 5500 on it if needed. Gives the option to flick some jigs around too


I run the Element spin in PE4 with a saragosa 6000 and the reel is definitly the limiting factor, would be more suited with the PE3 rod if i had to replace it.

Its handled 15-20kg sambos not a drama and plenty of big rankins & red emp up north. 


Also have an overhead element in PE2 with an ocea jigger 1500hg. Only a new setup but caught a 10-12kg sambo on it today and loved it

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 Thanks for your reply and

Sun, 2022-06-05 02:46

 Thanks for your reply and the info :) I will definitely check these out



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+1 oceans legacy

Mon, 2022-06-06 19:30

They are a cracker of a rod, you can catch anything from a 15cm sand whiting to a 30kg sambo.  At least I have.  Very light weight but able to handle the bigger fish no problem.  Never felt like it was in danger of breaking, it just bends further towards the butt, the bigger the fish.