up river

i read the fishing report in the paper and it said some nice black bream have been landed near midland brick has any one had any luck up the river thinking going for a fish today

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I haven't been up around

Sun, 2008-05-25 18:31

I haven't been up around midland brick, but went yesterday, fished from belmont through to garret road bridge. Landed a few, got smoked twice and took some pics for a guy who had caught his PB bream on a placcie out of a yak, would have gone probably 40cm. He nearly got pulled into the snag he got it from, good to watch.

I wanna get a yak now.


P.S. Let us know how you go.

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just finished fishing behind

Sun, 2008-05-25 14:09

just finished fishing behind caversham and first cast caught a little bream then fishing a different snag and got smoked and the bream took me under the snag so we finished and released 8 bream