Return from leave pass Jurien bay

 The jeep was packed and ski was serviced all good and sounder was fitted ..... I said my good byes to the wife and hit the road early . I took my time driving through the traffic looking at all the glum faces as they went to work .... I arrived at the caravan park as I had booked a chalet to be told I can't check in till 2pm so I went on a scenic drive to check out the area first stop the boat ramp ... Wow they have made a lot of improvements since I was there in the early 90,s ...... As I scanned the sea it was blowing from the southwest direction and the swell was up white caps appearing .... Ok time to hit the pub for a coldly and a bit of gossip true to form a couple of old timers at the bar said hit the water at day break head out to the lighthouse island  and you should be done by midday but no info on any Mac,s being caught in the area with that I went and checked in ....... Talking to the caravan park owners their advice was don't leave anything that can walk with slippery fingers about ....... That evening I walked down to the Beach to take some pics for the wife to show what she is missing out on ...... I took a walk along the jetty to see what fish are being caught by a couple of families There reply was blowies keeps the kids amused but I could see evidence of squid ink all over the jetty ....... So it was a early start in the morning I hit the boat ramp at the crack of dawn and no wind headed out of the heads and made my way to lighthouse island pausing to set up the sounder ,well to turn it on dam its reading in imperial measurements ok will fix it later time to fish as I could see some great lumps and pockets appearing on the screen ...... The next two hours produced a nice size sambo and some real big hook ups with smashed tackle ....... Time to change gear and try trolling but there was to much weed so back to finding some tailor around the reefs again I lost gear but had a great time ........ The wind started to blow and it was time to head back and clean up as I had to be out of the chalet by 10 am the next morning ..... 

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Good job

Thu, 2015-11-12 09:06

 Always good to get away and recharge.


 Sometimes when the water is quiet, you can hear the fish laughing at you !

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Nicely done

Thu, 2015-11-12 13:48

The is the most surpised looking fish i've seen. he got a "WTF" just happened look

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 Good on ya for getting away

Thu, 2015-11-12 15:11

 Good on ya for getting away with the Ski- Great fun checking out different waters/reefs.

And yes the weed has been terrible around here as well. Been like this for a week now-keeps blocking the jet pump up,then time for a swim to clear the weed from the jet grate.

But not doing that out deep with the great white hanging around-it's a on the beach job.

Catch up sometime.


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)