Relocating....back to Hedland

 Fellas, after leaving sunny Hedland 17 years ago as a teenager, I am soon to be heading back with my young family to start a new adventure. I am relocating back up there with MRWA. One of the things I loved about the place growing up was, funnily enough the fishing!


Now I have a fair whack of gear that i regularly use here in perth, but it is predominantly suited to light gear / bream fishing. I think the heaviest combo i have is a 3000 saros with 10lb braid! Obviously I will need to up that a tad, however what I am more curious about it lure selection.

I am pretty good with the SP's when breaming and chasing salmon and such but not sure how much will translate up to Hedland?


Could anyone give me an idea of types of hard bodies that woudl serve me well up there? I am thinking just general 50gm+ stick baits and the like?


I will be land based and have a few old usual haunts I will hit up but any suggestion of land based locations for a flick would be much appreciated! 




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 Roll into Smirkeys when you

Wed, 2017-03-29 12:30

 Roll into Smirkeys when you get to town and have a chat. Best place to get some local advice. They have a good selection of lures and small stickbaits that are ideally suited. 


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 Thanks mate - that was going

Wed, 2017-03-29 12:41

 Thanks mate - that was going to be the plan anyway!



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 Welcome back to Hedland. I

Fri, 2017-04-14 13:44

 Welcome back to Hedland. I chase queenies n trevally off the jetty using soft plastics. Seen 1m queenies smash 2inch SPs but difficult to stop then using light gear. Great fun though. As for hard bodies, generally troll them when i get invited out on my mates boat. Been plenty of mulloway around the past year. They have even been caught in 'winter'. Good luck, might catch you on the jetty one day.


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 General land based fishing

Sat, 2017-04-15 04:00

 General land based fishing around Hedland your saros should be fine, maybe bump the braid up to 16lb running 40lb leader, covers most of what you would expect short of mulloway, bluebone and big sharks


As for lure selection, pretty much have it covered 40g metals, stick baits have their place and bream style would be fine