Raymarine A50D

 Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone could help me interperate what I am seeing in the below sounder shot? I had a few drifts over it but hardly got a bite

Cheers, Mitch

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looks good

Tue, 2015-01-06 09:50

well I think it looks good, maybe a bit of a pinnacle with a heap of fish hanging off it.  did you have bait on your hooks? lol

maybe they were shut down for whatever reason or spawning snapper


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 Haha yeah I was pretty

Tue, 2015-01-06 17:24

 Haha yeah I was pretty suprised that i didnt get anything

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too complicated

Thu, 2015-02-19 06:56


I (unfortunately) have the Raymarine A50D  


The Raymarine looked like a realy nice piece of equipment when I bought it some yrs ago now, with extremely good technical specifications I was told :)

but when I could not understand it, I went back to the retailer in Freo, (I'm in Busselton) and on the front door is a sign "Raymarine tuition @ $75 hour" 

so it's been sitting in a cupboard for years only getting use when I use it for the gps and depth etc, as I can't understand the finding 'fish' section of it.


Strangely enough, when I first bought it on one of the first trips out, I did see two fish on the screen, as in the 'outline' of two fish on the screen, we stopped and caught 2 huge North West Blowies under the boat.

Have never seen this vision again and not even heard about it, it looked like the outline of 2 fish drawn on the screen and they crossed the screen as we passed over them.

I thought this was 'normal' for a fishfinder for some time, but when I was advised it was not I soon lost interest, it was in Port Geo area near the Marina so the water would not have been deep.


Unfortunately the user instructions are only on video, not on paper, as in a book, so you can't take them out with you to actually look at something then change the settings to suit the situation.


Should have bought a budget priced fishfinder and it would have got more use



  Maîneÿ . . .


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 Haha yeah I've thought about

Fri, 2015-03-06 20:50

 Haha yeah I've thought about getting rid of it at times

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Hi Mitch

Thu, 2015-02-19 09:07

I run the same unit. Absolutely fantastic bit of kit. For the price i paid for it, I doubt there was anything on the market that would come close in terms of value for money.

As far as what your screen is showing, my call is that its a lump of around a meter in height with some fish hanging off it. In my experience, the blues and greens are (more often than not) smaller fish such as wrasse and bait fish. I get more excites when i see yellows and reds, as these indicate targets with more density. I have at times had the screen 'blacked out' with blue and green and caught nothing of note. I always run bottom lock on the left of screen as i find it easier for seperating targets, but i also run a seperate GPS unit so i can run the raymarine as a sounder only.

Whilst I am no expert, i have learned heaps from pouring over the screen of the raymarine for hours on end. This i beleive is the key to understanding any sounder, no matter the brand.

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 Thanks for the reply Matt.

Fri, 2015-03-06 20:53

 Thanks for the reply Matt. Do you run your gain and other settings on auto or manual? I think I might have to invest in a seperate GPS unit like yourself as it can be quite painful switching screens constantly when trying to find a lump you've just passed over!