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After much research I am contemplating getting a PWC setup for fishing (previously owned a 18ft Runabout). I used to fish out wide FFB to Rotto etc… I will be mainly launching from Woodies Point and aware of the 5 mile restriction which extends out to stragglers rocks. How often do you actually find yourself fishing out wide solo, and other than the required safety gear plus installing a bilge, dual batteries – what other things should I consider to head out with confidence on such a small craft?


Also – can you legally fish the reefs directly behind GI? I have heard no PWC in Naval Waters, but the South Metro boating guide does not show any restrictions

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  I can help you out,as I

Thu, 2019-02-14 13:02

  I can help you out,as I fished from the Jetski for quiet a few years. Gone to a boat now,as I have grandkids who are keen to go fishing with "Pop".


I did have a dual battery set up,mainly to run the GPS/Sounder and Nav Lights. Also used battery as a back -up,I carried a set of small jumper leads

You will need to carry a Epirb,because of distance travelled from Mainland. I also purchased a PLB,they are not cheap. But if you end up in the water(has happened to me,and another Jetski fisher on this site),Ski took on water and sunk.

Register the PLB and wear it,they are small. It will be the best Safety gear,if you can't get to your Epirb.

Purchase a handheld Marine Radio,and Log In/Off with Marine Rescue. (I've got one for sale if you are interested). I had to use Sea Rescue a couple of times over the years(rope in jet pump).

Yes you can fish the reefs behind the Island, I've also done excatly that for years. Caught plenty of fish in the white water wash. The Naval Restricted waters are in front of Garden Island-that's all boating,not just PWC

 The Rule for Garden Island- No PWC on Land,ie beach. Strickly enforced by Rangers on Island.  Also, I fished all year round - winter is the best time for big tailor behind the Island. You will need warm,water resistant clothing. After trying all sorts of weather proof clothing,the best I found for comfort(sitting upright on Ski) were Sharkskins Clothing. Two piece top and pants.

Enjoy mate- it's a great way to go fishing. 


 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)