Preferred Bottom Bashing Hooks?

what hooks do you find have the best hook up rate and don't drop fish? what hooks do you use on your rigs? glow squids or not?
ive been using the gama big bait circles 7/0's, and black magic KS 6/0's and find them to be pretty good





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Gamakatsu Octopus

Mon, 2007-09-24 22:33

Work a treat with easy hook up and great holding power. Fresh out of the box and retired after every trip. Its those 1%ers that make a big 10-20% difference in catch rate. I NEVER use old rusty hooks. It might cost you a bit more but worth every penny when you nail a few good fish and the guy next to you misses a heap of bites due to poor hooks and even worse bait presentation.


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Gamas ro fissen for

Tue, 2007-09-25 06:40

Gamas ro fissen for me.....but ive never had a problem with mustard 6/0 red octopus hooks snelled when drift baiting! Ive actually caught 99% of my pb's on them too.

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VMC 6/0's long shanks a glow

Tue, 2007-09-25 07:38

VMC 6/0's long shanks a glow bead plus a lumo squiddy,use the cajun red leader or the penn 10x does me alright
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owner 8/0 for me and

Tue, 2007-09-25 20:47

owner 8/0 for me and gamakatsu 10,11\0

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I'm using 2 separate hooks

Wed, 2007-09-26 08:07

I'm using 2 separate hooks at the moment for bottomfishing/straylining-
Black Magic KL Recurve Hooks -

Fine wired, offset shanked chemically sharpened circle hook 
Black Magic KL Recurve Hooks

A cross between a 'longline' hook & a Wide Gap or kahle. Leave the drag on and the fish hook themselves. 



Extra strong, offset shanked chemically sharpened hook
with a turned in point and fine barb.Black Magic KS Hook

I generally will fish with three rods, but will only hold one. The rods in the holders have the recurve hooks while the outfit I hold will have the more general purpose style hook. All rigs incorporate a stinger hook.  Seems to work well...lot's of fish picked up on the stinger