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 Hi Guys


Heading out from point samson tomorrow for a change of scenery, any body got any tips on where to head. I have searched and someone posted head for the last channel marker then make a bee line for Delambrey sounding around for ground. Is this a good rule of thumb? Cheers

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 im actually in samson

Sat, 2013-02-16 13:31

 im actually in samson working atm, up from perth. we towed the boat with us. and few days we have got out in the last couple of weeks there have been heaps of big queenies and mackeral on the channel markers as well as a few big gt's

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point samson

Tue, 2015-12-22 07:51

 Hi I am going to point samson for Xmas looking for some land based spots cheers. 

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Just search the Point sampson causeway/crossing

Tue, 2015-12-22 08:11

Heaps of info about that spot on here.

But simply fish the Ocean side on an outgoing tide, about midway out best as it is very very shallow and extremely snaggy on the Ocean side. DONT use sinkers, and by far the best is top water lures like Pops and sticks, but soft plastics moved is also a winner. If you dont move the lures youll be stuck for sure.

Otherwise for a little fun, on the other side ( L side as you come from Karratha) close to the wall ( I mean close) with mulies etc you will have fun with cods and sods, but MJ's also possible, albeit small. Best spot is the wall closes to the Kcity side.

The marina also worth a shot but IMO hit and miss, and you have to try and cast to structure like pylons etc so increased chance of tangles etc unless you are as skilled as the bream and EP Pro's (Im not!!!)

It is all tide related, and typical for the Pilbara Fn Hot (so heaps of fluid) and flies and sandflies will drive you nuts - Bushmans Orange the only option IMO.


As for offshore I am mostly a Dampier fisher in the past, but as mentioned last channel marker to Delambre is not a bad start, but around the Island itself there is some nice ground. Watch out for Manta's (should be a few coming in about now) and cast lures around but not on them - Cobia love this. Any mooring, marker act as Triple tail cover and this is my altime favourite brute to tackle with. But the Queenies and Trevors will mostly beat you to the strike, but hey - thats fun. Dropping baits down might even get a few snaps and even Coral trout around the Nav markers (dont count on beating the Trevors though)

Trolling between spots with the good old red head and king brown Halco deep diver will also give you a great chance with macks especially, but I think any trolling lure will work. The Halco's are the go to though.

Good luck and hope you dont roast (for Xmas)


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Wed, 2015-12-23 21:47