Pemberton Reds

 Got into some nice reds over the last couple of days on the Warren river. Biggest going 43cm, landed 50+ fish in 2 days and around 15 fish over 40cm. Seen heaps of rainbow trout feeding off the surface but couldn't tempt them without the fly rod

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 Awesome shots. Pretty fat

Fri, 2020-10-16 09:01

 Awesome shots. Pretty fat redfins too.

 Well done.

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Fri, 2020-10-16 09:41

Well done.



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 Great report Luke, I've

Fri, 2020-10-16 09:59

 Great report Luke, I've heard the reds are ok on the chew?


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 Beautiful eating, white

Fri, 2020-10-16 10:08

 Beautiful eating, white flakey meat. Inland whiting

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 Looks like a peaceful couple

Fri, 2020-10-16 10:07

 Looks like a peaceful couple of days, some good catches to go with it 


 rather be fishing

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 Love the photos - make me

Fri, 2020-10-16 10:12

 Love the photos - make me very envious! Great reddies too!

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 cool pics! Looks like fun,

Sat, 2020-10-17 06:33

 cool pics! Looks like fun, all on the grubz?


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 Used a bunch of different

Sat, 2020-10-17 17:09

 Used a bunch of different plastics, they weren't too fussy

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Sat, 2020-10-17 07:19

Flowing . Nice redies

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 Favourate fish to catch

Sat, 2020-10-17 08:52

 Favourate fish to catch growing up in central Victoria, we would throw them on the hot coals , peel the skin off and gorge ourselves, life was oh so simple back then.


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Nice work, gotta try that one

Sat, 2020-10-17 12:18

Nice work, gotta try that one day. cheers

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Well done

Sat, 2020-10-17 17:16

Great pics, catching those should save the stocks of rainbows and browns. When you cleaned them (if you in fact did) did you notice what they had been feeding on, they certainly look plump.

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Only kept a few

Sun, 2020-10-18 09:20

We only kept a few this trip, 2 were empty and 1 had one marron and one small redfin in there

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Thanks for that

Tue, 2020-10-20 00:19

Info on what they are eating much appreciated