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 Hi All


I'm a keen fisherman and do most of mine landbased mainly off the beach/rockwalls.


Looking to get myself a kayak that I can take offshore to chase snapper and the likes. Its a broad question but from those who do offshore kayak fishing in particular targetting demersals and pelagics , what setup/kayak do you use? With a budget of say, ideally under 2k (may go up to 3k), what would you recommend?



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 Alot of kayak people say the

Wed, 2017-10-11 10:05

 Alot of kayak people say the pa12 (pro angler 12) is the worst offshore yak you can get. I say its the best, it's simple (no sailss or oit riggers) stable (can stand up in it) you stay dry and heaps of room (rod storage for 4 rods down the sides), it is slower and a little more weather dependant. But if the weather is not comfortable in a pa you shouldn't be in any yak i got caught out last week and the weather back flipped on me while i was 3km out and ended up having to head in with a 15kn sw not something id recommend in a pa but i got back safe and sound and  dry. As for speed if you wanna get out fast buy a boat. There are plenty of yaks up for sale at the moment as guys are upgrading to the newer model or to bigger sail yaks. Jump on yakfishwest and you'll find a deal. Just be aware that once you start yak fishing the landbased stuff just wont scratch the itch anymore.


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 sounds good !

Mon, 2020-09-14 17:21

 sounds good !


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i have a couple

Wed, 2020-08-12 08:12

 i have a couple for sale. i know nothing about them as they were forfeited to me in my storage units. lots of stuff there including sounders. i'm sure there's plenty there to get you out there. they are brand new, i'd say they've never been in the water. i haven't advertised them anywhere. if you're in interested come have a look. i'm in rockingham.