Neap Tides

I have a question about neap tides. For places like Exmouth and Mackerel Islands is it better to fish when there is neap tides?


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NO run No fun

Mon, 2007-12-10 05:58

Old saying but very true, having said that smaller tides sometimes makes the fishing a bit easier from a current point of veiw, only problem I have seen with big tides up there is that is sometimes brings big ugly green water on the runouts which turns the fishing right off, but the run in goes off on the big tides at least for pelagics
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we use a similare rule, big

Mon, 2007-12-10 13:34

we use a similare rule, big for the blue and neap for the creeks

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Tue, 2007-12-11 19:35

Always tried to do trips out the Wyndham coast around the neap tides. Launching on a big spring high around 6.5-7.0m and then fishing the drop down to a 0.5m low was an interesting exercise, especially when your fishing the bottom end of a large system that drains everything by you.

On big NT rivers though like the Vic I find that the springs didn't get time to drain as low as the neaps as there wasn't enough time for the water to escape before the incoming tide started running in.

At Exmouth/Kalbarri/Coral Bay I try and fish around neaps building to the springs i.e. just before first quarter up to full moon. Good pelagics time.


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