MIG Welder

Can anyone suggest what I should look for in a bottom priced home MIG welder for doing small jobs like welding up brackets to hang things in the garage etc?

Cheers JF


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 Just go a gasless

Sat, 2022-09-24 07:47

 Just go a gasless innershield mate, invertor welders are pretty cheap these days. If you're looking for quality in a small unit then Uni-Mig or WIA I don't rate the Cigweld gear. 


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Sun, 2022-09-25 06:03

 Depends on what you are doing. Gassless is fine but is very hot. If you think you wil be doing thinner work, panels and the like better get one with a gas solenid built in to give you more options. You can then use different gasses with higher or lower co2 content to vary the heat output. Even gives you an ali option although its very difficult pushing soft wires through the hand peice. Changing drive rolls will help but its still a pain but possible.

Lots of different options so buy for what you need rather than a price point. Dont let them crap on about duty cycle as it will only be single phase, 15 amp supply so this will limit any welders out put.

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 I have a 180 amp Lincoln

Sun, 2022-09-25 09:36

 I have a 180 amp Lincoln nascar edition that lays beaut neat welds down for at home. Point 6 wire for thin gauge (car panels ect) up to point 9 for general with standard argon mix. Innersheid works great also,was about 1200 bucks a while ago and can get all the optional stuff too like spool gun.Borrowed shopping trolley with some mods   =  great welding trolley

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 I bought a 180 amp michigan

Sun, 2022-09-25 14:48

 I bought a 180 amp michigan for home use only because it was a crazy price think i paid $189 at total tools gas/gasless nothing special but great for the price.  If I want to weld something properly I would do it at work though.


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 I have a Lincoln electric

Mon, 2022-09-26 11:56

 I have a Lincoln electric 180 Amp that I might let go Pm if u interested

IMHO they are better tha any of the other eg uni mig or cig  weld etc.

I run a  Weldmax nowadays, as it does high frequency pulse welding as well- welding tungsten etc.  price is not for the average backyard