mackerel islands

thinking of heading to mackerel islands from 5th of july to the 21st. it will be the first time heading to the islands so got many questions??
1)is there long term parking at onslow
2)whats the passage of water like heading over, weve got a 6.2m boat
3)what the fishing is like the that time of year
4)whats the weather like
5)could we sleep on our boat or do we have to book accomodation

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These are the things i

Mon, 2008-02-11 20:21

These are the things i know.

Im heading up in August for a week with our 6.4m

Fishing that time of year is apparently great...water is at an ok Temp, and the Sea's are not too rough.

Winds when going over usually come from the east, which makes for an ok.....slowish trip over.

Usually swell isnt too much of an issue.

Need to book accommodation on 'Thevenard" Island. You will also be able to book a Mooring for $10 a day.

Sleeping on your boat, i would not recommend for that length of time.

There is long term parking at Onslow, when you book for accommodation on the island, ask about their secure parking in Onslow, they have a locked up car park for car and trailer.

Make sure you take a fair amount of terminal tackle, lures, poppers, skirts.

Line capacity and choice is essential.

No lighter than 30Lb from the boat.... (If your chasing bigger fish.

Ive heard stories of people being blown away with 130LB :|

Im taking 30LB braid kit, 40LB braid Kit, 60LB braid kit. 50LB Trawling Kit.

Just a few suggestions :)

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ohh and go here for

Mon, 2008-02-11 20:22


and go here for accommodation for some mroe info and acco0mmodation bookings

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Mon, 2008-02-11 20:48