Lowrance elite 12 ti - navionics

Hi guys,

I use an elite 12 ti for navigation only. Two problems I have recently had and wondered if anyone else has had same / similar problems?


- sometimes maps don't load properly (all the contours / depths) have to keep turning off and on until they do. This is a pain in the arse when your trying to navigate out through the reef


- yesterday after deleting a waypoint my trails decided to delete aswel and did not restart. This made it difficult to set a drift. When into settings and trails were still turned on. Flicked on / off, restarted sounder but no luck. 

maybe my unit is just cooked 



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Try a soft resetor if not

Sun, 2022-09-18 08:22

Try a soft reset

or if not sure call lowarance help line 

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Had the same on a Ti7

Sun, 2022-09-18 12:49

Had the same on a Ti7 contours etc would not load some times, eject the map card and then reinsert got mine going again.

Maybe clean the contacts on the map card with some contact cleaner, wouldn't hurt.


Cheers John


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Clean map contacts

Mon, 2022-09-19 05:28

will help.  For the trails, press top menu button, select waypoints, touch trails at the top, if there is a trail listed there press delete all, OK, then select new trail, should come up as trail1, press trail1, save and it should start recording a new trail.  The trails have a recording limit, so as new ones are made, the old ones drop off eventually.  So, to some it up, delete any old trails, start a new one.  If you want to save a trail for permanent use record it as a route.  Hope that helps.