Looking for a price on a new Engel?

 I've been considering a fridge for the back seat of the Space Cab. Obviously has to be within certain dimensions, so the search had settled on about a half-dozen candidates, one of them being the Engel MT-V45, the single zone . Looking at prices for a while now, they always run from $1199 to full retail of $1399. I was in Repco on Abernethy rd getting a small auto electrical component, and noticed they were in stock., no price displayed. So I made a casual enquiry at checkout, yep, $1399, full retail. But I know they do a discount for RAC members, so asked about that. ......$1119.00 ....so I am now the owner of another new Engel. Worth remembering if you are in the market. I'm sure someone will chip in saying that they got it/can get it cheaper, but, if your old fridge sh*ts the tin, and you need one in a hurry, one to remember. 

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 Amazingly I bought one from

Mon, 2020-11-23 08:22

 Amazingly I bought one from a caravan and camping online store in QLD earlier in the year. Expected a couple of weeks for delivery but it was on my doorstep 2 days later as they have an agent in Canningvale with stock. 


Love the West!

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I just got myself a 3rd 12v

Sun, 2020-12-13 15:43

I just got myself a 3rd 12v fridge. Repco have a 30% off everything sale this weekend for RAC members including fridges. Obviously no stock in WA repco stores and offer is on stocked items only so pretty useless. Took the offer into BCF and they price matched it so I got an Engel MD40 for $579.

I already have an Evakool 80l and Kings 19l (that lives in the reefie) but this will fill the gap nicely!

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Draw Fridge

Sun, 2020-12-13 18:37

While we are talking fridges does anyone have any experience with the draw fridges? 

Thinking I might be able to fit one in the boat for food and drink storage and keep the madfish bags for bait and fish?

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Never miss the oppertunity

Mon, 2020-12-14 07:43

Never miss the oppertunity for a price match. I got a set of MaxTrax for $215 thanks to Anaconda's price beat. Their price when we walked in the shop was $299.

Just got BCF to price match Whitworths on some stuff on the weekend actually. Saved me 20% on the BCF price.