Looking for a lower cover plate 2006 115 etec

I have a 2006 115 etec that had corroded lower mounts. Bought new parts in from USA and had them on my bench while I worked out how to get the mounts out. I tried and gave up a few times. In the meantime I decided to put the new mounts, bolts and cover plate for one mount away in a safe place. I am still looking for them. I the meantime I have ordered new mounts from USA which will go in as soon as they arrive but alas I am short one cover plate plus bolts. Does anyone have a cover plate and bolts that they could let me have or point me to an outboard motor wrecker who might have etec motors. Many thanks guys. I'm desperate toget my boat back not thewTer. It's been way too long. 

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You would think every wrecker

Mon, 2022-07-11 14:53

You would think every wrecker in Perth would have some etec's as they are the new black anchor of the outboard world and not worth 2 cents.
Hope you get some parts so your back on the water, you may need to get in touch with some wreckers over east, there is also a big forum for etec owners - well, there used to be :-)

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 I thought that there might

Sun, 2022-07-17 15:28

 I thought that there might be a few around but there doesn't seem to be many. Following a lead on Gumtree. Guy has a pair on a 225 that he reckons could fit. I'm not sure.