Lee lead pot drilling out tips?

Considering buying a Lee lead pot but had read that

1. they don't fit a 32oz or bigger mould underneath so may need some modification?
does anyone have any tips? 



2. have read that they are very slow and may need to be drilled out a little?
has anyone done this successfully


any pointers much appreciated 


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Fri, 2020-10-23 08:01

You'll need to remove the handle assembly and with that, the rod that lifts up and down in the pot, as well as the aluminium base.

Flip the pot upside down.

Drill with a 1/8th or 3mm drill bit, I wouldn't go any bigger.

Tip your drill on the same angle that the rod seals the hole, do not drill at 90 degrees to the base.

If your doing sinkers, it probably wont matter but if your after fine detail in a large mold your are going to struggle with a bottom pour pot.

You can also put the base back on backwards and then clamp the base to a bench top, that way the pot hangs over and you have heaps of room for your mold.




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