Kayak set ups

 Hey guys i just bought a kayak and i was wondering what rod and reel set up people were using the most around here and further north ?

I am in Perth for the moment but will be heading north towards exmouth for a few months pretty soon just for fishing and travelling.

I would like to know which set ups i will need.

 I have got a 6-10 kg softbaiting rod with a 3000 reel and 16lb braid.


I also want a set up to target bigger fish like spanish mackerel for the moment i have a saragosa 10 000 i am just looking for a rod to match with it.


I dont like having too much rod on the kayak (not more than two). Do you think that i can cover most of the fish with two set ups like this ? 


Thanks :)

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 Hey mate,Have recently got a

Mon, 2018-09-24 21:05

 Hey mate,

Have recently got a kayak and took it up to Exmouth for my first kayak fishing experience.

2 Rods is all I took to keep it from being too cluttered. Had a plastic on a rod in a holder while fishing another with bait which got some fish. Prob drifting unweighted mulie or gardy etc or slow trolling it will be your Mackie go to, while bait fishing on your plastic rod behind the reef. 

One thing I would say is make sure you’ve got a good plan for how you want to land fish. When I got a Mackie on a plastic when I wasn’t targeting them I didn’t have a gaff or big net so had to be a bit creative with dealing with it without risking teeth to the fingers. And also how you store fish is key once you get them. I got a fish chiller bag with ice blocks and worked a treat. 

PM if you wanna know more. I’m no no means an expert but had a good go on my own up there and happy to pass on other things I learnt in terms of places to launch and strategies to catch fish.

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Ugly Stik or similar

Tue, 2018-09-25 20:28

 Should do the job for the mackie trolling outfit. Tough as nails and should double for bait/bottom fishing. Second outfit possibly for flicking soft placcies around the reef. 

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 Thanks guys no worries i

Thu, 2018-09-27 21:46

 Thanks guys no worries i will use a gaf to Land the fishes :)

Which Line rating would you recommend for an ugly stick for mackerel ? 8-10kg ? Bigger ? 

How about an overhead setup for trolling for mackies ? Like a tld 25 ?

I also want to have fun with queenfish coral trouts etc, what is the best set up for this ? :)


Thanks guys