For Johnno - Northshore 650

Here you go johnno as promised a few more pics.  Unfortunately no fish though!

I have some video footage but won't let me download onto youtube...


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cheers deanreally nice boat,

Sun, 2007-09-23 17:19

cheers dean
really nice boat, i see there is a patrol towing it. how does it go? ive got the 3lt turbo dsl auto its alright at towing but i expected a bit better. the engine light kept on comming on from the way back from exmouth- i still have to get it looked at but thats next week with the dreaded $1000 service. bad luck about not catching anyfish mabe next time

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yeah 3ltr Turbo dsl towing

Sun, 2007-09-23 17:26

yeah 3ltr Turbo dsl towing the boat, pulls it along fine.  When we pull it out (up the ramp) we just put it in 4x4 mode and pulls it out easy.

We were fishing behind 3 mile reef in about 25-30m of water, found some nice ground with 1M flares coming off and got some small pinkies off it, so next time hopefully a few bigger ones!

Surprising how much good ground just out behind 3 mile there is, worth a look for anyone out of oceanreef.